1962   Born in Huls, Germany

1967   Moved to Tehran, Iran

1971﹘1979   Studied at Hadaf high school (Borzuyeh), Tehran

1981﹘1982   Studied fashion in Applied Arts University, Vienna

1982﹘1987   Studied Textile Design in Tehran University of Art

1982﹘1985   Studied and trained photography with Yaghub Emdadian

• Painting in pastel and oil colours with Ayoub Emdadian and Hassan Safa

• Worked and trained in drawing and Fine art copies of master Paintings with Ali Ashraf Vali

• Theory of colours and painting with Mahmoud Javadipur
1995   Worked and trained at Gallerie d’art de la Fontaine, Geneva

1997﹘2004   Returned to Iran and completed her first collection of works

2004   Moved to Vienna and then London and completed her second and third collection

2009﹘Today   Studied at The Heatherley School of Fine Arts